Five draft goals were developed by the Steering Committee to address key issues. This constituted the need for workgroups to accomplish the work. Below is a description of the objective for each working group of SRHC. Read Santa Rosa Homeless Collective Overview.

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Steering Committee

  • The core group developed working agreements, a Charter and agreed to serve as the Steering Committee to oversee and guide the process and began to educate themselves by reviewing existing data, and soliciting input from the various members of the Steering Committee and other partner agencies and community.

Workgroup 1 – Permanent Housing for the Homeless

  • Goal 1 – Support every individual experiencing homelessness in acquiring permanent shelter

Workgroup 2 – Homelessness Prevention and Housing Retention

  • Goal 2 – Support the development of the individual to acquire and retain permanent shelter

Workgroup 3 – Collaboration and Coordination

  • Goal 3 – Build a strong collaborative that supports and enhances all efforts and service systems on behalf of the homeless

Workgroup 4 – Communication

  • Goal 4 – Disseminate accurate and detailed information on homelessness including best practices to eradicate homelessness and the change the stereotype of homelessness.

Workgroup 5 – Accountability

  • Goal 5 – Develop processes of system accountability consistent with goals 1-4